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Welcome to the FINSIDERS FinTech Awards, where we gather to celebrate innovation, entrepreneurship, and the trailblazers shaping the future of the financial technology industry. 
Each year we come together to honor individuals and companies who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and resilience in driving progress within our community. From groundbreaking innovations to daring initiatives, each award recipient represents the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Award Categories


Dan Roselli Community Organizer

Dan Roselli has played a key role in Charlotte's startup community. He co-founded Packard Place, a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation; co-founded Queen City Fintech; and currently serves as managing director and co-founder of RevTech Labs, a Charlotte-based accelerator. This award is recognizing an individual who has played a pivotal role in nurturing the FinTech community in Charlotte, fostering growth and collaboration 

Best Change Champion

This esteemed recognition within the fintech sector underscores the remarkable efforts of the individual or entity being acknowledged. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and transformative actions have reshaped the industry landscape. By introducing pioneering ideas and strategic initiatives, they have spurred unprecedented progress, inspiring others to elevate their standards and drive positive change within fintech.


Risk Taker / Fail Fast

Frequently, risk-taking receives recognition only when it yields success. It's high time we celebrate those who dared to deviate from the norm. This award recognizes the individual or organization that demonstrated the courage to embrace a novel idea, regardless of the outcome.

Best Innovation / Pilot

This award honors the person or company that has launched an innovative product or service. This could be a national launch or a pilot. The size isn't important, it is the innovation we want to recognize.

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